175th Anniversary Celebrations

Jubilee Prayer: Loving and gracious God, we thank you for 175 years of your real presence in our St Mary and St David Parish. We thank you for giving us your Mother Mary and St David as our Patrons. Increase our faith and make our minds and hearts open to the gift of your truth. Grant that our Jubilee Year may be:

  • a time of grace for all,
  • a time of growth for the young,
  • a time of refreshment for the old,
  • a time of renewal for families,
  • a time of healing for the broken,
  • a time of joy for the sorrowing,
  • a time of challenge for the complacent,
  • a time of forgiveness for the sinner,
  • a time of strength for the holy,
  • a time of homecoming for all those who have been away,
  • a time of returning to the Holy Sacraments.

Grant, most loving Father that our Jubilee Year may bring down your richest blessing on every member of our parish, so we could grow in holiness and numbers. We pray this with the help of Mary, our Blessed Mother and St, David, through Christ, our Lord. Amen.


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